domingo, 2 de abril de 2023

Broken-hearted three times in a row


You broke my heart. Deeply.

And you did it while I was 

living one of the most vulnerable moments of my entire life.

You broke my heart for not loving me back

You broke my heart for not caring.

You broke my heart for being such a selfish,

thinking only and only about you

that you couldn't take a moment

just a moment

just a little second of your self centred life

to look at me and see how deeply I needed you to be my support.

I told you many times

that I was there to be your partner

to be with you

to help you

to support you

to not let you down

But you were not able to do the same to me

Babe, you broke my heart

and I almost broke together with it.

I saw my pieces on the mirror, on the floor, on my inner

I saw the scars and the fragilities

I saw it. 

Babe you broke my heart

almost my soul.

But I'll not let me down.

I'll be here for me. With me.

I'll support me and help me.

I'll go through it.

I'll face my weaknesses and recover my pieces

Rebuild myself, rebuild my hope.

And somehow, stop caring about you,

Stop loving you.

And then, have my heart fresh and new.

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