quinta-feira, 13 de abril de 2023


 That's very strange don't have you in my life anymore.

The days go by and I cannot share with you my thoughts, I don't know what are you thinking, how has your life been. Are you alright? 

I ask myself if you feel the same.

If you think of me.

It starts to seem so strange still feel connected with you somehow even though I don't know if I still know you. Two months and it still hurts quite a bit. 

I mean, I cannot force you to love me. And I definitely don't think I have to force someone to be loved. I told you I deserve more, but... I always wanted the more to come from you. Because It was always you who I loved.

I cannot help myself of asking if I am in your thoughts and if you miss me as I miss you. Sometimes I'm just hit with the reality that probably not. You didn't say a word to me, you never told me to stay. You never showed me that I was important to you.

That's strange how it works. Loving and not being loved back. But I did and I still do. And I just hope and pray that you find me inside of you.

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