sexta-feira, 7 de abril de 2023

disconnected words

 Do you think of me?

Do you regret anything you did?

It's not a movie, you know

our lives. 

I don't have how to know you love if you don't tell me

I don't have how to know if you don't show me

If I cared less it would be so much easier

But I need to stand by myself

And what you were giving to me was not enough

Besides loving you so, or exactly because I loved you that way

It wasn't enough, babe.

You are stuck being a child

You don't want to grow up and be a man

But I'm a woman. I cannot pretend not care

I deserve being loved and I deserved more

I tried to make you give me all that

and it's just wrong

I would never tried that

because if it's not given freely it's not love

But I believed in us so hard

and I don't even know in what believe anymore

All my certain dropped and vanished

It's your turn, if you want to, to believed for both of us

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